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World Earth day?…. Do we really need it?

Remembering Mother Nature

Remembering Mother Nature

Today is not just another day! On this day, throughout the globe, nature conscious people will celebrate “World Earth Day”. An important day to remember and to spread awareness on preserving our mother nature for ourselves and for our future generations.

On 22nd April 1970, US Senator Gaylord Nelson staged a protest against environmental degradation that was happening in US to get the attention of callous political leaders and bigwigs. He also wanted to create a strong awareness among masses that he believed would bring this ecological issue onto the national agenda. Though the campaign was started in U.S, it grew like wild fire and in the year of 1990, it became a global phenomenon.

Earth Day Facts:

* On an average, we use 6,278 watts of power every year. It is a great wastage and if we prudently use it, we will be saving a good amount of power.

* Canada loses one-third of its sea ice every year and it worsens global warming.

* Each person throws away approximately four pounds of garbage every day.

* More than one third of all energy is used by people at home

* 1/3 of all water is used to flush the toilet.

* Nearly 90 percent of all household waste can be recycled.


* East Sussex County Council of UK, in an effort to make its environment green, is providing grants to nature-friendly projects. Ideas and suggestions are invited for community projects that consist of promoting recycling or composting, planting trees, starting an environment club or setting up an EcoSchools project.

* Earth day is being celebrated in Marietta as ‘Green Fest’ wherein hands-on activities are organized. The motive behind it is to bring “earth-friendly” displays and activities to the US community.

* Keep Phoenix Beautiful is organising a program at Cesar Chavez Plaza Downtown Phoenix that highlights recycling and “green” options for the US business community of Phoenix.

* Maricopa County and Phoenix city employees have organized a scenic four-mile cruise through the Willo and Roosevelt Historic District to celebrate bicycle travel.

Have fun on Earth Day

Have fun on Earth Day

Fun activities:

* Colour any ecology related picture with crayons

* Send Earth cards to your near and dear.

* Take a quick puzzle on ecology.

* Make papier mache handicrafts, kites, and party hats.

Have a look at this site for cool earth games and activities: http://www.ecokids.ca/pub/games_activities/index.cfm

Some interesting quotes:

* “I’m not an environmentalist.  I’m an Earth warrior” – Darryl Cherney

* “Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money” – Cree Indian Proverb

* “Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth” – Henry David Thoreau.

What can you do to save nature?

* Get an eco-poster from your neighbourhood

* Plant a tree in your home.

* By giving brochures on environmental conservation.

* Wear T-shirts that are stamped with earth conscious pics.

* Buy a pair of Earth mugs and help save the nature by reducing the usage of disposable cups.

* Keep recycling bins at your house.

* Wrap around ice cream to keep frozen.

* Reduce the usage of plastic covers and opt for paper bags.

* Cut down leather usage. Instead check out for plastic sandals.

In short, what we can do to nature is to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

PS: Apart from celebrating this day, I also believe in action. How about you? Post your comments here!


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