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Would u like playing online games? Check this league cricket

Great way to play online cricket

Great way to play online cricket

If you are bored by watching games in TV as passive audience, then Fantasy Sport is the thing for you. It vents your discontent – you can choose a specific team and line up for a particular match at this fantasy games website – http://www.indianfantasyleague.com and Voila! Watch your team score based on actual performance in real tournaments.

Get in touch with your pals and colleagues and compete in a fantasy squad. Also most fantasy leagues have a grand list of prizes to be given out at the end of each tournament.

The website has wide variety of games like Fantasy Football, Fantasy Tennis and Fantasy Golf apart from Fantasy Cricket. It gives the reason why devout sports lovers enjoy playing games at Fantasy league.

Indian Fantasy League is distributing prizes only within India at the moment. People looking for hard cash may feel let down as there are no monetary prizes in this game. The prizes given out are 25 dishtv connections, 10 Plasma TVs, 10 Laptops, 2 FZ-S, 100 Mobile Phones, 3 MPV cars and so on.


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  1. Announcing a new league on Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket for T20 World Cup 2009:


    Let’s beat the world folks!

    Comment by Shahriar Hyder | May 29, 2009 | Reply

  2. Cricket is a multi-faceted sport which, in very broad terms, can be divided into major cricket and minor cricket based on playing standards. A more pertinent division, particularly in terms of major cricket, is between matches in which the teams have two innings apiece and those in which they have a single innings each. The former, known as first-class cricket, has a duration of three to five daysthe latter, known as limited overs cricket because each team bowls a limit of typically 50 or 20 overs, has a planned duration of one day only. Thanks your blog to take part in cricket games popularization.

    Comment by onlinecricketgames | July 25, 2011 | Reply

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